keskiviikko 11. joulukuuta 2013

Selected posts to foreign friends

It's been almost three years since I started writing this blog. Well, in March next year it will be three years. I started to write a blog about my hobby, inspired by my garden. Since then I've written a lot about my love for nature. I learned a lot during my trip. Blogging, photography and writing. They all are important hobbies to me, not forgetting the garden.

I make now a small post to my foreign friends gathering some things from my previous posts. I like these, and I think you could also. This list is also the posts from previous years. I think they are quite successful posts and at that very moment, I felt a little joy of success. There are a lot of good posts, but I chose the best and good pictures. I'm trying to do some of the posts to the text in English. Enjoy!

Here is a list and links to posts:

Hiking and camping;

Tuntsa the wilderness in the middle of nowhere

Pyhätunturi and aittakuru, Pyhä/Luosto Kemijärvi, Finland

Pieni karhunkierros, from Oulanka National Park

In the morning, Jerisriver, Muonio, Finland 

Skiing competions, FIS alpine skiing, Sallatunturi 

Kiutaköngäs, Oulanka National park in wintertime

Ruuhitunturi, Salla, February 2013 (In the middle of nowhere)

Reindeersafari, Salla, March 2013 (In the middle of nowhere)

Wintertime, January 2013 (Few winter pictures)


Outhouses and cowbarn yard sale shop

The Old Town of Raahe, Finland

Ruka, Kuusamo in the Eastertime 

The backyard;

Winter is comeing, October 2013

Cold morning and autumn, October 2013

Autumn, October 2013

Harvest time, July 2013

Rainy day, June 2013

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